Stainless Steel Dog Cage
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Stainless Steel Dog Cage

  • DA2


Product Description


Stainless steel double-deck experimental dog cage

Model: DA2

Specification: 1000×1000×2120mm

Upper and lower 2 single cages, the frame is welded with 30x30x1.2mm SUS304 stainless steel square tube;

Both sides: the rear half is divided into small doors, the left side is an active steel plate, the right side is an active steel wire grid, the two adjacent cages can be combined into a row through the locking device, after opening the small door, the animals can run in multiple cages, giving the animals sufficient space for activity.

Front door, Φ8mm stainless steel round steel fence, with stainless steel water box, feed box, record card holder, etc.

Cage top: Φ5mm stainless steel wire mesh, bottom plate: 25x13 stainless steel flat tube grille, spacing 19mm;

Tray: stainless steel washing type, plate thickness 1.0mm, adjustable front and back tilt, can collect urine for metabolic experiment;

Drinking water system: automatic drinking water is placed on the back of the cage, and the drinking water pipe is quickly connected to the room's drinking water pipe through a metal hose;

Feed box: Open the small door, you can put Φ160mm stainless steel round bowl;

Casters: 4 inch stainless steel bracket, PU wheels, do not scratch the ground, 2 with brakes;

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